Many people report that the greatest fear they face today is the fear of not having enough money to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement. Does this sound like you?

Social Security is still a vital role in retirement income.  The greatest benefit Social Security provides is regular income that is guaranteed to increase over time and continue as long as you live.  Keep in mind, Social Security taxes are just that – taxes.  As a result, a worker’s retirement security is entirely dependent upon political decisions.  Nevertheless, for now, this benefit makes Social Security one of the most valuable sources of income during one’s retirement.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not know much about Social Security.  They know even less about how to maximize the benefits that may help sustain them throughout retirement.

Whether you are depending upon Social Security to make a significant impact on your retirement income or just a part of your entire financial portfolio, it would be wise to understand which claiming options are available to get the most out of your Social Security income.

Even in these tough times and volatile markets, we help our clients take a comprehensive approach to their retirement planning. We offer a complimentary service that we call Social Security Maximization or SSI Max. There are hundreds of ways to claim your Social Security, but which one is right for you and your family? One simple mistake or misjudgment of the program can cost you thousands of dollars that you rightfully deserve.  Download our free eBook:  4 Myths about Social Security Income to learn a few common misconceptions about Social Security Income.


Find out your SSI Max Strategy

Our team of experts use a proprietary system that links to the government’s official Social Security website. It only takes a few minutes to generate your SSI Max Report.  Click here to see a sample report and act quickly to get your very own personalized report.  Just schedule a call with me to find out your very own, optimal SSI Max Strategy!  Click here to schedule now!

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