10 Steps Process Requirement

So that we can get a clear picture of your current financial position and your future lifestyle desires our 10-step process requires 2 meetings.
Annette Wise Advisory, LLC will:

Meeting #1 include steps 1 through 5 and should take no longer than 45 minutes. If in meeting #1 we determine that what we do fit with what you are looking for, you will receive 2 very short questionnaires to complete and we will then schedule meeting #2. The first is a very short and simple financial questionnaire. The second is an online communication profile that assesses how you like to be communicated to and how you naturally approach or respond to problems, information, change and risk. Both are very important to us moving forward. They help us be more effective in how we communicate your data to you.

Meeting #2 include steps 6 – 10 and should take no longer than one (1) hour. In this meeting we will identify areas in which you are losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily. We will customize appropriate wealth strategies to help you become more efficient in your finances so that you can achieve your goals and objectives.

Our No Pressure Policy:

The objective of our meeting and talking is to determine how to help you best understand and develop individualized wealth strategies that will allow you to have the retirement lifestyle you desire.
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