Business owners have additional and complex Retirement Planning needs.
Counting only on the sale of your business requires tremendous luck and success.
If business owners consider the business as simply one asset among many, then they should seriously consider additional assets such as:

✔ Executive Bonus Arrangements


✔ Nonqualified deferred compensation plans

✔ Qualified retirement plans


✔ General investment portfolio

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Motto for Business Owner Planning


As I look back on thirteen years of entrepreneurship, I can see that the best and smartest thing to do is to have a plan with the end in mind and you in mind. The time still goes by and time is expensive. That sentence is really a whole book and you should or will understand sooner than later, hopefully.
That would have looked like business succession planning. Proper business succession planning requires sound preparation in order to have a smooth and equitable transition. Financial, tax and legal planning are all necessary for a success.